Roderick C. Moe CPA, PA provides a variety of professional services and skills that pertain to cases involving economic damages. Roderick C. Moe CPA, PA’s forensic experience spans over a time of 23 years (1992-Present). We offer services that assist and support our clients at every stage of the legal process: discovery, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. This includes but is not limited to preliminary analyses, maintaining a production control log, interpreting and quantifying Life-Care plans, interpreting and quantifying vocational expert reports, preparing request for production documents, preparing exhibits to support both settlement and trial settings, and expert testimony and consultation that is understood by a jury.

A forensic economist must consider a variety of details not only in the past and present, but also in the future when calculating damages. This in-depth knowledge only comes with experience and economic expertise. Our highly qualified team at Roderick C. Moe CPA, PA is able to work for either side of a potential lawsuit – Plaintiff or Defendant! That is, we have the ability to not only produce affirmative damages reports, but also offer professional critiques of the opposing side. In consequence, this affords the attorney an invaluable tool at their disposal throughout the entire legal process. Roderick C. Moe CPA, PA provides an all-embracing, responsive and comprehensive service for the complex process of economic damages.

We have up-to-date and systematic methods for quantifying the following economic damages:

Personal Injury

  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Lifetime medical care and related expenses
  • Vocational Life-Care plans analyses
  • Replacement value of household services

Wrongful Death

  • Past & Future loss of earning capacity
  • Death, Burial, Funeral, and related expenses
  • Value of lost fringe benefits (Pension, stock options, & retirement plans)
  • Replacement value of household services

Wrongful Termination / Employment Discrimination Analysis

  • Back and Front pay damages
  • Comparative differences between compensation streams
  • Value of all lost benefits
  • Statistical testing for employment discrimination

Expert Valuations

  • Business valuations
  • Commercial valuations
  • Intellectual property valuations